Hello world!

Well actually: printf(“Hello World\n”);

Welcome to the Teuthida Technologies Web Site. I would like to start off by apologizing for how long this web site has been nothing more than a place holder consisting of some tacky shirts in a closet. I suppose it was better than the alternative of a browser error,  but not much better.

So! Here we are. I plan to use this space as a forum for discussing the discipline of embedded software engineering and its relationship to other engineering disciplines. While I occasionally will wax eloquently (I hope) on such esoteric topics, normally I will be sifting for pearls of wisdom from my own experiences in the embedded field.

A little about me first. My name is Peter Camilleri. I have been a software developer for my whole professional career. I got into the field because I enjoyed engineering computers long before I got paid to do it. I was designing computers many years before I had the ability to follow through, and I am still fascinated by the architecture of computers and the software infrastructure that makes them useful. I have done many types of programming in my day. C and C++ under DOS, OS/2 and Windows; Power Builder and PL/SQL in large client server applications; Java under Windows and Linux; and a fair bit of C# in the .NET environment.

Most recently (for the past fifteen years) I have been lucky to have have focused on embedded systems and their programming. I love embedded systems programming! If you ask me about my favorite operating system I will say “the bare metal” or at most a thin RTOS kernel. I actually think that while Linux is huge, sluggish, and bloated, Windows is much, much worse. Embedded programming has a directness and purity to it that these others lack. There is a real feeling of satisfaction I get in getting a piece of hardware to perform well; even if it’s just a chip smaller than a grain of rice!

So this is my first posting, hopefully of many. I have a large backlog of article ideas that I need to start working through, but first, I need to get the little elements of this web page under control. Hopefully WordPress will prove up to the task. So far it looks good. See ya soon!

Peter Camilleri (aka Squidly Jones)