Squidly’s Progress?

I like to be able to announce milestones reached by this website, but it turns out they’re not all good ones. As I write this the 100 mark has been passed in spam messages. In fact in the time it has taken me to decide to write this article, the count has continued on to past 115 spams. All filed into the binary hell-fires they so richly deserve! 😉

Now, I have no problem with the fine products of Hormel foods, or any other luncheon meat vendor for that matter. I grew up eating and enjoying these products. Still, I am left wondering what these mindless morons hope to gain? What are they after? Who can say.

In the meantime, I’m sure that questions have come to mind in the site’s real readers. So, here’s the thing: If you have any questions or suggestions about this web site or embedded programming, I’d love to hear from you. As I work on the emSystem software platform, evaluate tools, algorithms, languages and libraries I am certain that the site will be more useful with feedback than without.

So let’s hear from all you interesting, fun people out there!

Peter Camiileri (aka Squidly Jones)