The Multimedia for PIC32MX7

One of the development boards purchased (at a considerable discount) at the recent Microchip Master’s Conference was the MikroEletronika Multimedia for PIC32MX7 pictured to the left. This is the larger cousin of the MMB32 board discussed in an early post with several enhancements. The MX7 is based on the more powerful PIC32MX795F512L part with CAN, Ethernet (100/10) and 128K of RAM vs 32K in the MMB32. Other enhancements over the smaller board include:

  • A switching power supply with a 9..32VDC or 7..23VAC input.
  • A full ICD3 RJ-11 connector.
  • A MCP9700A temperature sensor.
  • A 24AA01 high endurance EEPROM with a 128 byte capacity.
  • A mini, center push, switch joystick.
  • Three utility LED indicators.
  • A full RS-232 port with DB-9 connector.
  • A 100/10 Ethernet interface with a LAN8720A PHY and RJ connector.
  • A ADXL345 3D Accelerometer.
  • A full sized SC card slot vs a micro-SD card slot. I’m not sure this is a plus, but there it is all the same.

Like the V1.0 MMB32 board, the MX7 board uses a Wolfsen Microelectronics WM8731 Codec for sound instead of a VLSI Solutions VS1053 Audio Decoder chip used in the V1.10 MMB32.

This board packs a lot of power into a very small space. Is there a downside? It seems so. Unfortunately,  with so much functionality in a single chip, the two CAN devices and alternate pin outs, are not accessible. So this board is not suitable for CAN development, unless an external CAN peripheral is attached to an SPI bus.

Like the MMB32 there are a lot of resources to deal with. To help with this a Port Worksheet is provided (on a strictly as-is basis). Port Usage Map RevB is the updated spreadsheet with all three (MMB32 V1.0, MMB32 V1.1 and MM for PIC32MX7). Overall I very much look forward to testing my code on this new platform and reporting my results on this site as I make progress.

As always, your comments and suggestions are invited and welcomed. This is especially true if you find an error in the worksheet.

Peter Camilleri (aka Squidly Jones)