A little gem… [Updated]

[Update] HELP! 

Let me be clear on this point. I love programming in Ruby. I haven’t been as excited about a programming language since the time I got to work on a major project in Smalltalk. Ruby is awesome! I am having a LOT LESS fun with RubyGems.org. I have been muddling my way through reams of confusing documentation, knocking down problem after problem.

Now one still remains. My code contains rdoc documentation. I chose rdoc as it is the system used in the “pick-axe” book. Issue 1a) When I test install my gem locally, the rdoc docs are not built unless I explicitly add the deprecated –rdoc option. 1b) When I push my gem to RubyGems.org, the documents link points to an empty page with no info. It’s so bad, I’ve taken to adding this note to the description:

Please see the homepage for docs.

Can anyone tell me what subtle nuance I’ve gotten wrong here? I am at my wits end!

[End Update]

A very brief announcement. I just released my first ruby gem. It’s called option_list and it is a ruby class for processing symbolic function arguments. It makes it easier to process arguments that are clearly documented and understandable. So instead of:

my_fun(">", false, true, 66)

You could use:

my_fun(:nohistory, :paginate, prompt: ">", page_len: 66)

Long winded? Maybe. Clearer? I think so! Now I know; this is NOT going to set the world on fire. In fact it’s more of a “Hello Ruby World” than anything else, but please take a look.

The documentation for it can be found here and the gem itself is found here!

Any feedback on this gem or other topics would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Peter Camilleri (aka Squidly Jones)

PS: While my code contains full rdoc info, the documents link on RubyGem.org goes to an empty page for some reason. If someone could explain my error, I would be most appreciative and grateful for the help..