Announcing the format_engine gem version 0.0.1

Just recently in my programming endeavors, I began to examine the Time class in Ruby. There were many subtle and nuanced points about how Time values were handled, but one area that struck me as interesting was how it dealt with formatted string I/O. The Time class supports two function strftime and srtptime. Both are based on “C” library time routines. The strftime method takes a time object, and a format specification string and creates a formatted output string. The strptime method reverses this with a formatted string and format specification string as input and a time object as output.

As I was considering these methods, it occurred to me that a generalized mechanism for build these sorts of formatters and parsers would be a useful thing. A check of available gems did not reveal an obvious candidate for this task, so, I set about writing my own. The format_engine gem is the result.

This code has undergone a decent amount of testing so the 0.0.1 release version should not be seen as too discouraging to those seeking to try it out. The gem may be found at Ruby Gems and the source code at GitHub.

I hope you find this code useful. If you feel motivated to comment, leave me a note. If you find a problem, please raise an issue on the project in the GitHub repository.

Yours Truly

Peter Camilleri (aka Squidly Jones)