I’m Back! (Again)

I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit that I have let this web site languish for a very long time. Furthermore, this is not my first attempt to raise it from the dead, even though this last quiet spell is the longest one to date.

It’s been such a long pause in fact that a lot of how WordPress works and is used have changed since the last time I wrote a blog entry. I have a lot to learn before I regain a decent level of proficiency in writing these entries. I suppose I should have the confidence to know that I will figure it all, or enough, out, eventually.

So what’s so different? What makes me think that this reboot will be any different than all the previous failures? A lot has changed: In the intervening years, I became ensnared in a “business” that devoured my time and resources and left me with little to show for it besides notebooks full of hollow slogans and ideas; I became the sole caregiver to two disabled seniors, the care of whom drained all my energy, time, and stamina; and I lost all of my immediate family and suffered, no am still suffering through a horribly painful mourning process. That pain, though crippling, is ever so slowly beginning to diminish.

Yet now, scant weeks ahead of the surging Covid-19 pandemic, I enjoyed a desperately needed vacation in Arizona with my friend Bret and his partner Adam, and their friends Joe and Roger. Two weeks without stress or care. Two weeks of vital healing. Perhaps there is light in the universe after all?

So a lot has changed. I find myself with no responsibilities beyond myself for the first time in 10 years. I have the time, and increasingly, the energy to DO something with my life again. I am slowly taking back my life and the feeling that I can affect its trajectory.

The reality remains: Talk is cheap; Content is King. So I currently have a slate of five new articles in the pipeline. I plan to post at least once a week, and more when topics are abundant. Above all, I plan to write and keep writing. This blog will bear testimony to this in the coming weeks.

I very much doubt that I have anybody left of the cadre who followed my blog. I will need to attract new followers all the while I find new and exciting blogs for me to follow. I’m back… and I have the combination! 😉

PS: I have not forgotten Rascal and Buddy, Adam’s wonderful cats! They made my stay even more special.