A World Upside-Down.

The Man with the Golden Gun; Actual stunt, no CGI existed in 1974!

So, while this a technically oriented blog, it is not possible to exist outside the rest of the world. In particular, the absolute chaos created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Things are not normal. Not at all. Travel is being discouraged, government services of all sorts are being closed. Shows at theaters; classes in schools; poverty in casinos; club meetings and lunches; all canceled for the foreseeable future.

It is not my intent to make another P.S.A. about what needs to be done. Anyone not living under a rock already knows. Nor do I intend to a launch a polemic on the evils of the mass mistreatment of animals that is the root cause of this catastrophe. Nope. Instead, I would like to share a memory of a freer, happier time. A distant time I like to call “Last Month”.

In Ontario, the third Monday of the month of February is designated as the Family Day holiday. On the Saturday of the preceding weekend, we get treated to the Durham DIY Showcase. What is that, you ask?

It’s a chance to look at work of local hobbyists of all sorts; an event with free admission no less. There was amateur (ham) radio, impressive model railroad setups and much more. One item that caught my eye was this amazing, wooden geared, clock:

I must admit I should have taken a lot more photographs at the event. On the bright side, at least I took this one. I suppose that while all the stuff was interesting, the clock was an amazing mix of art, engineering, and functionality.

Also present was the Durham Personal Computer User’s Club (DPCUC) of which I am a member. I really like the retro computers, Arduinos, and Raspberry (and other) PI machines. Again no pics, my bad.

Also present was a little display of gorgeous minerals. Here are the ones I purchased:

Now as I was looking over the stones and making my selections, there was a concerted effort to inform me of the mystical healing “powers” of these stones. I must admit that I sort of cut them off. I did not need anyone telling me about powers I already knew about. Like the power of things of beauty to inspire us and lift our spirits. Joy is good for the soul.

And this ends this little mini-report. This event should return next year on Family Day and hopefully this time I’ll take more pictures. Even better, maybe I will have a table of my own displaying constructions of interest. In the meantime, I think I’ve gotten my head around the mechanics of mixing text and pictures in WordPress.

Now, WASH YOUR HANDS! Did you think I wouldn’t notice? Warm water, soap, 20 seconds, now!