MPLAB-X Update (3/15/2012)

Stop the presses! I may have spoken too soon. In my previous article MPLAB-X Impressions I wrote:

Earlier betas of MPLAB-X had severe problems with watch windows being unable to locate local variables, but those issues seem to have been sorted out in V1.00.

Well take a look of the following from a recent debugging session:

The green highlight indicates that the CPU is halted at the specified line of code. The message “Out of Scope” is NOT what you want to see when you hover over a local variable. It basically means that the debugger cannot locate the desired data and you are  on your own.

The work around for this very annoying bug is to copy the variables affected to statically scoped variables that CAN be resolved by the brain dead code. The little snippet in the picture above shows this strategy in action.

I must say that I am disappointed.  I really thought this annoyance was behind us! That said, V1.00 was still better than the beta, so progress is being made.

Peter Camilleri (aka Squidly Jones)

(3/15/2012) Further update: I have raised two tickets with Microchip concerning the troubles I have encountered. I can’t help but notice a lot of loud complaining on the support forums but not much action. If you see a problem, create a ticket to complain to the the folks responsible for fixing it! If you can’t be bothered to take the effort to do that, you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself.