Squidly’s Progress

I am glad to say that I have made some major progress in one of my MPLAB-X errata issues. Specifically, the issue of the debugger being unable to resolve the scope of local variables and parameters. After concluding that the support forums had no answers, I bit the bullet and created a support ticket:

In MPLAB-X debugger, function parameters display as “Out of Scope” when they are most clearly NOT out of scope. This forces all sorts of copying non-sense that is very multi-threading risky.

To make a very long story mercifully short, 10 Microchip support responses and 7 customer updates later we finally reached the following point:

Hi Peter,

After further investigation, it is observed that it is a MPLABX issue and not a[n] optimization issue. This will be corrected in the future version of the MPLABX IDE. The concerned team is working on it.

I hope it helps. If you need further support/clarification on the same issue, please update this ticket.

Regards, Microchip Technical Support

Take it from me, I’ve worked in code maintenance and I know that sometimes recreating a problem seen by the customer can be the most difficult part of the process. Getting a firm grip on the nature of the issue is essential to making any progress in resolving it. We are finally over that enormous hurdle and I am confident that progress will be made on this matter!

Finally; On a somewhat less serious note: I am very pleased to announce that I have passed the milestone of 100 postings in the Microchip Technical Support forums. Hooray for me 😉 Hopefully, my postings have been of value or helpful or at the very least, not harmful or incorrect!

As always, your comments and observations are welcomed!

Peter Camilleri (aka Squidly Jones)