MMB-32 I/O Workseheets

As I mentioned in my article About the MMB-32 development project I am working with the mikromedia for PIC32 development board for various tutorials, exercises and projects. One slight issue with this board is that there a lot of resources to keep track of and further the boards changed quite a bit from version 1.0 to version 1.1.

Keeping track of all the I/O resources can be daunting and creating projects for a mixed population of 1.0 and 1.1 boards means I need to find common ground. Rather than the error prone process of pouring over tiny, hard-to-read schematics, I created I/O worksheets for each of the types of MMB-32 boards available.

Since they may be of use to other as well, here they are in PDF format:

MMB32 V1_0 Port Worksheet and MMB32 V1_1 Port Worksheet

or if you prefer, both worksheets in the form of a XLSX format spreadsheet:

Port Usage Map

I hope you find them as useful and time saving as I do. As always, your comments and suggestions are invited and welcomed.

Peter Camilleri (aka Squidly Jones)