Squidly’s Progress

I am very happy to announce that Teuthida Technologies has been accepted into the  prestigious Microchip Authorized Design Partner program!

Teuthida Technologies specializes in designing with Microchip products.

This program grants greater access to the expertise, knowledge  and capabilities of Microchip’s world class engineering teams, tools, software, and manufacturing might! These many benefits, in turn, will allow  this web site and it’s associated consultancy, to be even better at presenting leading edge embedded systems development information, ideas and solutions!

I would personally like to thank Microchip staffers: Donna Mason, Andre Nemat, and Bret Walters for helping me and Teuthida Technologies so much in making this possible.

Again, Thank You!

Peter Camilleri (aka Squidly Jones)

PS: The Early Bird Discount for this years Microchip Masters conference ends TODAY!!! (April 27, 2012) Don’t miss out!!!

1 thought on “Squidly’s Progress

  1. You are very welcome, but I recommended you because I know you are an asset to Microchip. Your enthusiasm for Microchip products and skill with problem solving shows in every project I’ve seen you undertake. You have my best wishes for success!

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