Squidly’s Progress

Faster than a speeding tax refund!; More powerful than an HO Gauge Locomotive!; Able to reach the top floor of tall buildings by using the required number of elevators!

Look up at the ceiling! It’s a nerd! It’s so lame! It’s SUPER SQUIDLY JONES!

All kidding aside, I am glad to to say that I have finally earned the apparently not-hard-to-earn title of SUPER MEMBER on the Microchip Support forums. These forums are a great source of information on all things Microchip. I subscribe to the forums and answer questions when ever I can to help out others and keep my brain flexible. On those occasions when I get stuck, the forums are a great source of help and inspiration. Take a look at the Microchip Forums

In the meantime, if there are questions, concerns or suggestions on your mind, please feel free to submit a reply or comment.

Peter Camilleri (aka Squidly Jones)