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Announcements:  Announcing format_engine V0.0.2 , Announcing format_engine V0.0.1 , Embedded Systems, I’ll be backSquidly’s Progress?;  Squidly’s Progress;  Squidly’s Progress;  Squidly’s Progress; and Hello world!

Development Systems: Development Tools Purchased; The Multimedia for PIC32MX7; MMB-32 I/O Workseheets;  and About the MMB-32 development project.

Errors and Errata:  New PICs, New Errata; Wow! Did they really do that?Magnus Errata Part 3Magnus Errata Update;  Magnus Errata Part 2;  Magnus Errata Part 1;  and Errata errata!

Impressions: Mock-up Testing on another scale!Impressions of Masters 2012;   C32 Impressions (3/23/2012);  MPLAB-X Update (3/15/2012);  and  MPLAB-X Impressions

Life: Heroes

Memory Lane: Spiro Graphic Memories;

Modular Programming: Modules: The Message Pump; Modules:The A2D Manager;  Modules: The Callback Manager;  Modules: Pull vs PushModules: Keeping Things Loose; and Abstraction in C

Programming Pearls: Random in C++; Random ThoughtsA Character ReferenceIt takes all types…;  Bus Management;  A Brief Time Out; and Some Gnarly Bits

Ruby Gems: Flex Array 0.3.0, and Option List 1.1.1

The Sequencer Project: Part 3, Part 2, Part 1

Touch Screen Basics: Touch Screen Calibration ][Touch Screen Calibration; and Touch Screen 101

The Trivial File System:  TFS Internals;  The TFS in Action;  The Trivial File SystemThe M25P80 Serial Memory DeviceNon-Volatile Options; and Abstraction in C