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This blog is produced and maintained by Teuthida Technologies and while much of the material herein is related-to or about Microchip products the posts on this site are not endorsed or sponsored by Microchip Technology or any other semiconductor vendor for that matter.

About Teuthida Technologies

Teuthida Technologies is a company that provides engineering consulting and embedded programming services on a contract basis. These services can be provide on-site or remotely (via the internet). Some of the services provided include:

  • embedded systems architecture design
  • software algorithm analysis
  • software creation, review and analysis
  • coordinating software requirements with embedded hardware design
  • hardware schematic and PCB layout review
  • software and system level documentation
  • project management and oversight

In the area of embedded systems development, Teuthida Technologies is able to bring a diverse array of skills to bear in creating reliable, cost effective solutions in a timely manner. Some of these skills include:

  • expert level knowledge (spanning over 20 years) of programming languages including C, C++, and C#, plus a strong working use of Pascal, Forth, Delphi, and others.
  • a keen understanding of processor architecture and the assembly language of numerous processors including the Z-80, 6800, 6809, 8086, 68000, 68HC11, 8051/2, TI 16 bit DSP, PIC Baseline, PIC Mid-range and Enhanced Mid-range, PIC-18, and MIPS/PIC32
  • extensive experience with real time kernels including the FreeRTOS
  • use of embedded protocols including USB, SPI, I2C, One Wire, NAMA/EVA MDB and DEX, EBDS, and ccTalk
  • extensive experience with development tools including integrated development environments, command line development environments, compilers, linkers, build scripts and utilities, source code version control systems, and object code libraries

Microchip Authorized Design Partner

I am very happy to announce that Teuthida Technologies has been accepted into the  prestigious Microchip Authorized Design Partner program!

Teuthida Technologies specializes in designing with Microchip products.

This program grants greater access to the expertise, knowledge  and capabilities of Microchip’s world class engineering teams, development tools, software, and manufacturing might! These many benefits, in turn, will allow  this web site and it’s associated consultancy, to be even better at presenting leading edge embedded systems development information, ideas and solutions!

Contact Info:

To discuss your embedded systems needs or to find out more about Teuthida Technologies, we can be contacted at:

 About Teuthida

Now the name Teuthida Technologies may raise some questions. The “Technologies” part is pretty clear cut. That is our core business, but what of “Teuthida“? What’s with that? Well, many years ago, when I was working for the Canadian Pacific Rail System, I received an email entitled “Confess if you are Guilty!”. In this email, it was noted that people who can read hex data dumps and interpret them on the fly (like me for instance) are called “computer squids”. It then went on to point out that my surname Camilleri is very similar to the Italian word “calamari” and thus I was in fact really a squid cleverly disguised as a person. A short time later, some other joker hacked the email system and changed my name to “Squidly Jones” and the moniker has stuck ever since. And so Teuthida Technologies carries on this proud tradition of honoring our friends, the cephalopods of the order Teuthida otherwise known as Squid!

Our Founder!